Set designs


The basis of Filipčič’s creation is space, his perception of the space of scenery, the stage and theatre itself. As a set designer, he pays special attention to the significance of details, which in correlation with the story and the actors form the totality of space and create an ambient experience. Because of this intertwinement, his scenes seem to be alive, telling a story already by themselves.

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Le Corsaire


Statehood Day 2019

Dan državnosti 2019

Dirac’s Chord

Dirac’s Chord

Day of Uprising Against Occupation 2018

Dan upora proti okupatorju 2018

Brave New World

Krasni novi svet

A Melancholic croquis

A Melancholic croquis

The Prešern Awards Ceremony 2015

Prešernova proslava 2015

The Prešern Awards Ceremony 2014

Prešernova proslava 2014

Statehood Day 2013

Dan državnosti 2013

Marie Antoinette

Marija Antoinetta

Reformation Day 2009


Statehood Day 2009

Dan državnosti 2009

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