State Celebrations


A state celebration is an event of broader state significance that combines the fields of artistic, popular and protocol knowledge – elements that Filipčič knows well both from his theatre work and his experience with putting on various events. For him, state celebrations are events of unification, which is why he devotes his attention to creating content for a wide range of tastes based on a strong story, tight structure and quality execution, joining elements from history, classical art and popular culture. He has directed seven state celebrations, for which he also wrote the scripts and designed the sets.

Stathood Day 2003

Stathood Day 2003

Statehood Day 2019

Statehood Day 2019

Day of Uprising Against Occupation 2018

Dan upora proti okupatorju 2018

The Prešeren Awards Ceremony 2015

Podelitev Prešernovih nagrad 2015

The Prešeren Awards Ceremony 2014

Podelitev Prešernovih nagrad 2014

Statehood Day 2013

Dan državnosti 2013

Reformation Day 2009

dan reformacije 2009

Statehood Day 2009

Dan državnosti 2009

Day of Uprising Against Occupation 2009

Dan boja proti okupatorju 2009

Reformation Day 2008

Dan reformacije 2008

500 years since birth of Primož Trubar

500 letnica rojstva Primoža Trubarja