EPK Maribor 2012

Opening ceremony of European City of Culture Maribor 2012, Leon Štukelj Square, Maribor


  • concept and directing: Matej Filipčič
  • text: Irena Štaudohar, Vesna Milek, Zdravko Duša 
  • set design: Atelje Japelj, Matej Filipčič
  • costume design: Alan Hranitelj 
  • hosts: Polona Juh, Marko Mandić, Tadej Toš 
  • performers: Maja Keuc, Tomi Meglič (Siddharta), Martina Zadro - opera singer 
  • music arrangments: Rok Golob  

concept: »This ceremony, opening of the European Capital of Culture on the Leon Štukelj's Square, is a symbolical and liturgical welcome to all the artists, public and the beginning of the European Capital of Culture itself. Main premise behind the spectacle is a child and light that travel through the partner towns symbolizing travel of memory and mission of the ECOC, a kind of renaissance of culture and vision in these towns. Journey ends with the child's arrival to Maribor, where huge spherical object is activated and starts spinning and beaming thousands of lights symbolizing a planet that reflects silhouettes of all the artists that are going materialize similar emotion with their work and participation at the European Capital of Culture 2012.« Filipčič also stated that the opening event connects various art forms, genres and performers with each other symbolizing diversity, while also accentuating the significance of individualism, people's humanity and wisdom that we find in one another, nature or works of art."