Filipčič’s constant is space, his perception of the set, stage and theatre space. As the set designer of his authorial theatre projects, he devotes special attention to space and the elements that make it up in correlation with the story itself. Due to this intertwinement, his sets seem narrational and alive. This is why, in 2000, he mounted a retrospective exhibition of his sets and theatre elements as gallery exhibits that carry the narration and the memory of the story of their performances. This was followed by the Marie Antoinette exhibition, a theatre-gallery exhibit which as an exhibition object independently carried the memory of the performance.

Theatrical Object - Melancholy

Gledališki objekt - Melanholija

Theatrical Object - A crack in a cosmic egg

Gledališki objekti - Razpoka v kozmičnem jajcu

Theatrical Objects - Marie Antoinette

Gledališki objekti - Marija Antoinetta

Theatrical Objects 2000-2009

Gledališki objekti 2000-2009

Theatrical Objects - Interier

Gledališki objekti - INTERIERI

Theatrical Objects - OSUM

Gledališki objekti - OSUM

Theatrical Objects - s a n s e t

Gledališki objekti - s a n s e t

Theatrical Objects - Ko mine

Gledališki objekti - Ko mine

Theatrical Objects - TOSCA

Gledališki objekti - TOSCA

Theatrical Objects - La La La

Gledališki objekti - LALALA