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In the last fifteen years, he has created and co-created over 200 events for various companies, public institutions and state institutions, working on them as a director, creative and technical director, producer/organiser/coordinator, scriptwriter and set and graphic designer. Throughout all these years, he has developed and tested a wide network of co-operators and performers, who guarantee a professional execution of all types of events. He has worked with the majority of the most important artists and performers in Slovenia. According to the event requirements, he assembles a team which ensures that the event is carried out at the highest technical, organisational and substantial level. His events combine the principles of architectural and theatrical creation in which he adapts elements of classical, popular and folk art, all in order to successfully present the client. In cooperation with the client, he manages the project from its conception through the preparations to its successful execution.

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A remembrance event on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Thursday, 26. 1. 2023, Sodni stolp Maribor


concept, set design, directing

Wednesday, 3. 11. 2021

NT Conference 2019

concept, set design, directing

Tuesday, 2. 7. 2019, Hotel Bernardin, Portorož

ONA 365+ (Desa Muck)

concpet, directing, set design, production

Wednesday, 7. 3. 2018, Festivalna dvorana Ljubljana

Conventa 2018

directing, concept

Tuesday, 23. 1. 2018, Grand Hotel Union

A1 launch

directing, set design

Friday, 21. 4. 2017, Studio VIBA

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